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sleeve and collar Stellite coating Stellite alloy

Stellite alloy is divided into cobalt-based alloy, nickel-based alloy and the like. Among them, the cobalt-based alloy is made of an alloy composed of elements such as Cr, W, and C, with Co as a basic component. The general composition is: C: 0.7 to 3.0%, Co: 30 to 70%, Cr: 25 to 33%, and W: 3 to 25%. China's Co-based Cr30W5 (cobalt-based No. 1), Co-based Cr30W8 (cobalt-based No. 2), Co-based Cr30W12 (cobalt-based No. 3), and Co-based Cr28W20 (cobalt-based No. 4) belong to this category. The role of Co is to make the alloy have high corrosion resistance and obtain a tough solid solution matrix; a large amount of high corrosion resistance makes the alloy have high oxidation resistance; W increases its high temperature strength; and the important role of C It is a high hardness of chromium carbide and tungsten carbide formed with Cr and W, which makes the alloy have good wear resistance. It can be used in almost all kinds of pipeline systems, especially the treatment of the inner wall and joint surface of high temperature and high pressure valves

It is a fitting between the graphite bearing and the rotor of the motor, which functions to separate the rotor of the motor and the graphite bearing, and assumes the function of the graphite bearing on it.

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