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What are the influencing factors of canned motor pump function?-News Center-Jiangyin Rochman electromechanical equipment co.,ltd-

What are the influencing factors of canned motor pump function?

1. Pump body layout: The simple wear part is the steam nozzle. After the nozzle is worn, it will not only affect the function of the canned pump, but also increase the maintenance cost.
2. Condensate water: The partial pressure of water vapor in the pump discharge pressure must be higher than its corresponding full vapor pressure, so the temperature of the condensate water should also be lower than the full temperature at this pressure, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pump.
3. Environment: The environmental impact mainly refers to the pollution of the system by the pumped gas. During the processing of molten steel, the molten steel will emit a lot of gas, and some small particles such as fine oxide powder are sucked into the pump. These small particles will be sucked into the pump. The accumulation adheres to the pump body, reduces the conductance of the suction pipe, prolongs the suction time, and reduces the suction function of the pump.

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