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Analysis of the selection of commonly used canned motor pump fluids-News Center-Jiangyin Rochman electromechanical equipment co.,ltd-

Analysis of the selection of commonly used canned motor pump fluids

For the production plant of canned motor pump, the selection of good oil, can increase the comprehensive performance of the pump, to most users bring benefits, produce good social benefits. For the user, if the use of factory oil is not satisfied with the results, but also can be selected according to the specific situation.
       For example:
       1, if the weather is cold, starting difficult, optional low a low viscosity low pump oil.
       2, if the canned motor pump for a long time in the higher pump temperature work, such as the pump in summer and the environment has a heat source and poor ventilation, inhaled gas is heated or the inlet pressure is high, etc. , can choose a high viscosity of good oil or can be applied to high temperature, high load pump oil, such as HFV-A series of oil.
       3, if the  canned motor pump temperature is higher, and the pump limit full pressure requirements are not high, such as pump-limited full pressure of 5Pa, can be re-elected viscosity 100 or 150 qualified oil, or the same or slightly higher viscosity of mechanical oil, compressor oil, mechanical oil price is lower.
       4, if the oil change period is short or short, and can meet the performance requirements, can be re-elected with viscosity or slightly high viscosity of qualified oil or mechanical oil, compressor oil, in order to reduce the cost of oil change. The choice is up to the user.

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