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The role of each component of the reverse circulation canned motor pump-News Center-Jiangyin Rochman electromechanical equipment co.,ltd-

The role of each component of the reverse circulation canned motor pump

Reverse circulation canned motor pump is mainly composed of impellers, sealing rings, pump housings, pump shafts, filler letters and bearings and other components, each component has its own role, let's take a look.
       1, impeller: by rotating the mechanical energy of the power machine to water, so that the energy of water increases, its geometry, size, materials used and processing technology on the performance of the pump has a great impact.
       2, sealing ring: pump impebrary suction population between the outer edge and fixed pump inner edge there is a gap, such a gap is too large, then the pump high-pressure water will leak through this gap back to the impel's suction port, thereby reducing the actual water flow of the pump, reduce the efficiency of the pump; In order to minimize leakage losses and protect the pump body from wear, seal rings made of anti-wear cast iron or carbon steel are installed on the pump body or on the pump body and impel, respectively, which can be replaced after wear. And the role of the ring is to reduce leakage, grinding.
       3, pump house: pump housing by the pump cover and pump body composition, including the suction port, snail shell-shaped flowway and pump drain. The tapered tube of the pump's suction port connection section, which is used to direct water evenly to the impeler at a small loss. A screw hole with a vacuum meter mounted on the suction port flange is opened. The pump's drain connection section diffuses the tapered tube, and the water flow decreases gradually with the increase of the section, converting some of the momentum into pressure energy.
       4, pump shaft: pump shaft is used to drive impel rotation, the role is to transfer power, commonly used carbon steel and stainless steel made. Pump shaft end with keys, impel nuts to secure the impel, the thread rotation on the shaft, when the shaft rotates, so that the nut is in a tightening state. The other end of the shaft is a coupling or a belt wheel. In order to avoid direct friction between the filler and the pump shaft, most pump shafts are fitted with a wearable shaft sleeve that can be replaced after passing through the filler letter.
       5, filler letter: in the pump shaft through the pump shell, rotating pump shaft and fixed pump shell between the gap, in order to prevent high-pressure water through this gap out of a large number of outflow and air into the pump, must be set shaft sealing device. Filler letter is a commonly used kind of shaft sealing device, it is composed of the base lining ring, water seal ring, water sealing pipe, filler, filler cap and so on.
       6, bearings: to support the weight of rotating parts and bear the axial and radial force when the pump is running, and reduce the friction when the shaft rotation, there are rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings are used in reverse-cycle shielding pumps.

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