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Causes of canned motor pump failure

No matter what mechanical equipment we use, some failures will inevitably occur after long-term use, and canned motor pumps are no exception. So do you know the reasons for the failure of canned motor pumps? It does n’t matter if you do n’t know, today I will introduce the reasons for the failure of the canned pump. Friends who want to know follow the introduction of the editor and take a look at the following article.
    1. There is no medium or the flow of the conveying medium is small, which causes the bearings to dry and burn the bearings: The canned pump is provided and cooled by the conveying medium to the sliding bearing. Without the opening and closing valve of the inlet valve, the sliding bearing is not conveyed. Damage caused by media lubrication or cooling.
    2. Problems caused by large fluctuations in pump operating conditions: The axial force of the canned motor pump is automatically balanced by the hydraulic equalization method. In actual operation, if the operating parameters (inlet pressure, outlet pressure) fluctuate greatly, it is easy to damage the canned motor pump. Hydraulic balance makes the bearing suffer from large radial and axial force and cause bearing damage.
    3. Problems caused by cavitation of canned pumps: The cavitation of canned pumps is mainly caused by large pump inlet pipe resistance, more gas phase in the conveying medium, inadequate irrigation pump, and insufficient pump inlet energy. Cavitation is the most harmful to the pump. When cavitation occurs, the pump vibrates violently and the hydraulic balance is severely damaged, which will cause damage to the pump bearings, rotor or impeller. This is a common cause of canned pump failures.
    4. Shielding sleeve is damaged: For internal circulation cooling canned motor pump, the stator and rotor are cooled by the conveyed medium. If there are hard particles in the medium, it is easy to cause the shielding sleeve to be scratched or punctured. It is also possible to cause damage to the shielding sleeve, and secondly, leaks in welds and the like due to chemical corrosion.
    The above introduction of the canned motor pump is here today. I hope to bring you some help. If you have needs for the canned motor pump, please contact us for consultation.

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