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Did you use oil seal?

1、No grinding shaft
    When the conventional skeleton oil seal is used, the shaft surface is damaged due to long-time work, and the shaft surface wear occurs, so that the lubricating oil leaks from the wear surface.
    The XM bearing isolator uses a non-contact design. The oil seal is divided into a moving ring and a static ring. The moving ring and the stationary ring respectively hold the cavity and the shaft surface through the interference. The oil seal is in operation, ensuring the moving ring and the stationary ring. Relative movement between.
2、long life
    The traditional skeleton oil seal has a practical service life, and its sealing effect is good in a short period of time. When the use time is too long, the sealing property is lowered, so that the loss of the lubricating oil will have a catastrophic effect on the bearing and the equipment. According to the experimental data, we have basically changed its service life in about three months.
    The XM bearing isolator is designed to be a non-contact design. The moving ring and the static ring are relatively moved. The use of the XM shaft seal is one-stop. The oil seal will not change the seal due to long-term use. The oil seal effectively ensures the stability and long-term stability of the product. .

3、Low power consumption
    According to the market research, many manufacturers have designed a bushing for the shaft body and the worn part is the bushing. After the skeleton oil seal leaks, the manufacturer only needs to replace the oil seal for the equipment. And the bushing, the cost is high and the power consumption is large.
The XM bearing isolator is designed by using the moving ring and the static ring to absorb the shaft surface and the cavity. The service life of the oil seal is more than 5 years. The manufacturer does not need to install the bushing on the shaft body, which can effectively reduce the efficiency.

4、Low price
    The XM bearing isoaltor is consistent with the purchase cost of the skeleton oil seal, and its price is even lower than the price of the skeleton oil seal, which can better guarantee the interests of major manufacturers.

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