API610 OH2 process pump bearing isolator

  • API610 OH2 process pump  bearing isolator

Name:API610 OH2 process pump bearing isolator

Product Description

Bearing Isolator is a new type of seal developed on the basis of composite labyrinth seals.

Form, it adopts dynamic and static ring structure design, static ring prevents lubricant leakage, and moving ring prevents external pollutants from entering bearing housing.

Between the static and dynamic rings is a water vapor barrier ring, which not only makes the bearing isolator a whole design, but also blocks the outside world.

The moisture in the air enters the bearing housing when the equipment is stopped. When the device is running, there is no contact between the static and dynamic rings, no work

Rate loss. The water vapor barrier ring is in a suspended state under the action of centrifugal force, and there is no friction between the static and dynamic rings. Therefore, the shaft

The sealing performance of the isolator product does not decrease over time, which makes it durable for rotating equipment

Bearing protection.

Bearing isolator features:

● Non-contact, no wear, zero energy consumption

● No leakage, maintenance-free, long-lasting bearing protection

●Applicable to various lubricating environments such as grease, oil immersion, splash, oil mist, etc.

● Comply with IEEE-841 and API610 standards

● Made of tin bronze, stainless steel, aluminum alloy or other materials to adapt to extreme conditions

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