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Bearing isolator 6 big advantage analysis

Bearing isolator 6 big advantage analysis
1 prolong the service life of equipment 90% of the service life of the bearing can not meet expectations, 80% of the bearing failure is associated with the pollution of lubricating oil, bo rui sealed bearing isolator to improve the bearing running environment, greatly prolong the service life of equipment.
2 improve equipment stability were mixed with 0.002% water lubrication medium, which can lead to bearing life plunged 48%.Bearing isolator sealing performance will not be reduced over time, reduce unexpected downtime, improve operational efficiency
3 customization design According to the working condition of equipment bearing isolator, custom design can be widely used in roll, fan, reducer, motor, slurry pump, boiler feed pump, screw conveyor and other special working condition of equipment.
4 patent structure design of the double return chute and two-channel dustproof design, truly achieve zero leakage, no wear and tear, at the same time reach IP66 protection levels, demanding best bearing use environment protection device
May not cross shaft, not consumed power standard of lip seal service life in 1500 ~ 2000 hours, and the consumption of power in the 150 w, and damaged shaft.Using non-contact bearing protector, means reducing maintenance costs, reduce energy loss.
6 bearing protection and electric corrosion overall solution Superconducting fiber axis grounding technology of a new generation of integrated bearing isolator is high voltage motor, frequency conversion motor and its driven equipment bearing overall protection solutions, widely used in wind power, new energy vehicles and high-end industrial equipment

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