TEIKOKU Horizontal canned motor pump

  • TEIKOKU Horizontal canned motor pump

Name:TEIKOKU Horizontal canned motor pump

Product Description

【Uses and Features】

        The basic canned motor pump (HP) is the basic type of electric pump. The pump body is directly mounted on the front flange of the motor. Suitable for transporting organic and inorganic chemicals, vacuum systems, high pressure systems and nuclear radioactive liquids.



        Flow (max): 600m3 / h

        Full head (max): 160m

        Motor power (max): 132kW


 Name  Materials
 casing  cast iron、SS304
 Sleeve  SS304、SS316+stellite
 Thrust Collar  SS304、SS316+stellite
 bearing  carbon graphite、SIC、anti-frection
 Stator can   SS316、hast alloy                  

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