The high temperature separation type shield pump (HPG)

  •    The high temperature separation type shield pump (HPG)

Name:   The high temperature separation type shield pump (HPG)

Product Description

【 application. Specialty 】

HPG is suitable for high temperature liquid such as hot medium oil and hot water.



Flow rate (Max) : 600m3/h

Full head (Max) : 115m

Motor power (Max) : 132kW

Temperature (Max) : 350℃

 Advantages of canned motor pumps


Fully enclosed

There is no dynamic seal on the structure, and only there is a static seal on the casing of the pump, so it can be completely leak-free, especially suitable for conveying flammable, explosive, precious liquids and toxic, corrosive and radioactive liquids.


  2. High security

The rotor and the stator each have a shielding sleeve so that the motor rotor and the stator are not in contact with the material. Even if the shielding sleeve is broken, there is no danger of external leakage.


3. Compact structure and small footprint

The pump is integrated with the motor, and it is not necessary to center it when disassembling or assembling. It has low requirements on the base and foundation, and has a small daily maintenance workload and low maintenance costs.

  4. Smooth running, low noise, no need to add oil

Because there is no rolling bearing and motor fan, no lubrication is required and the noise is low.


5. Wide range of use

It can meet the requirements of various working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature and high melting point.

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