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 Jiangyin rochman mechanical  electrical equipment Co. Ltd. is composed of two parts. One is the research and development of the top Roots vacuum pump and dry screw pump in China and the design of the vacuum system. The other is a new type of mechanical seals in China. Vacuum has hired a number of domestic vacuum pump experts. With reference to the advantages of German vacuum pumps, ZJ type Sanyeluoci vacuum pump,ZJQ type Lengluoci vacuum pump, and DP type oil-free screw vacuum pump have been independently developed. And customized for customers of various vacuum systems to meet the customer's production process. The company's products are used in various fields in China to meet the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection. In particular, in the power plant condenser renovation, oil refining system, lithium battery drying system, direct evaporation system, chemical evaporation, distillation, concentration system, raw material medicine three-in-one drying system, food dehydration system, metallurgical industry, steel package degassing, aerospace simulation experiments, various energy-saving transformation projects :: Hydraulic oil cooling and filtration system in the forging industry: anode oxidation production line, cryogenic cooling system: aluminum profile die-casting machine heating furnace oil, water stand-alone double cooling system _ metal compression industry emulsion circulating filtration, cooling system: smelting industry Power supply, Furnace circulating water to make water, cooling system: hot galvanized production line maverick heating circulation system.The company is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection technology exploration and innovation for the majority of new and old users to provide all-round quality services.

seals range includes: Split seal、Dry gas seal、industrial pump seal, Metal bellows seal,  Agitator seal, bearing protection,at the same time sales of  silicon carbide, tungsten carbide、graphite、zirconia and alumina ceramic products.Rochman company focus on high quality products, good service, competitive prices and timely delivery to develop markets at home and abroad.Our customers include many famous company in the field of oil and gas, power plants, chemical, pulp and paper, food and medicine, Marine, etc...

Rochman products spread all over the world, with business partners in more than 40 countries and regions, hope to establish long-term business relationship with you as soon as possible.If you have any questions or would like to share your information with us.Welcome to the company leaders, industry experts, peer friends to guide!