SULZER APP chemical pump seal

  • SULZER APP chemical pump seal

Name:SULZER APP chemical pump seal

Product Description

(SULZER) sushou APP series mechanical seal.
Structural features:
Double end face, static type, assemble type structure.
With reasonable cooling system, the seal is reliable.
Application scope:
Temperature: - 20 ~ 160 ℃
Pressure: 1.6 Mpa or less
Linear velocity: no more than 20m/ SEC.
Medium: contains particle impurities, alkaline fluid black liquor and other general corrosive media.
(SULZER) SULZER pump common model description:
Z series are divided ZE and ZF according to pressure.Different wall thickness, horizontal, single stage, single suction, closed impeller, radial dissection, center supported heavy duty process pump.
The LY series is the liquid pump.
GSG series horizontal, radial division, guide vane type, multi-stage pump.
CD series center installation, top and top out, single stage, closed double suction impeller, two end support heavy duty station pump.
TTMC vertical pump is multi-stage, radial section, segmental shell pump.Impeller single suction radial, for low NPSHa, such as low temperature liquefied gas (-40c propylene coolant transport)

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