Canned Motor Pump Maintenance: How to determine if the canned motor pump is damaged

First, from the analysis of the wear of the parts when the pump is disintegrated.
       1. The shielded pump body ring and impeller ring have wear, which means that the bearing inner diameter is excessively worn, and the bearing needs to be replaced.
       2. The front cover of the impeller and the shield pump body are worn, indicating that the front bearing end face is excessively worn and the bearing needs to be replaced.
       3. The inner diameter of the bearing is worn, the shaft sleeve and thrust plate are worn and the color becomes black, which means that the gas in the motor cavity has not been drained, lack of fluid or idling, and replacement parts are required.
       4. The rear bearing end face and the surface of the thrust plate are worn, and the front bearing and the thrust plate are not worn, indicating that the thrust of the shaft is backward. There may be excessive flow. Check whether the outlet valve is opened too much.
       Second, the vibration and noise analysis and judgment of the canned pump.
       1. The pump has vibration. The vibration source comes from the two bearings of the motor part, which indicates that the bearing is worn. It is necessary to check the bearing wear.
       2. The pump has vibration. The vibration source comes from the pump body. The outlet valve closes the pump pressure is normal, but the pressure gauge indicates that the pressure drops suddenly when the valve is opened, and the operating current is lower than normal. Bit height.
       3. The pump is vibrating, noisy, and the TRG meter indicates the red zone, and the pressure at the pump outlet pressure gauge is low. If the pump does not load, it indicates that the pump reverses, and the power line phase sequence needs to be adjusted.
       Third, the TRG table indicates analysis and judgment.
       1. The table indicates in the yellow or red area, indicating that the bearing has worn and needs to be replaced.
       2. The meter does not respond after the pump is turned on, but the outlet pressure and current are normal, indicating that the meter is damaged and needs to be replaced.

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